PLR Blogs, Adsense Sites, and WordPress Websites for Sale

Ready made sites to build your virtual real estate. No More Wasting Your Precious Time. Just upload the blog package, run a quick install and you'll have a brand new blog that is ready to earn Adsense cash and Affiliate commissions or that you can flip for quick profits.

ready made blogs with PLR

What Ready Made Blogs Are For?

Internet Marketers

You can use these ready made affiliate sites to make profits using CPA offers, Clickbank, AdSense, own products, and many more.

Online Resellers

Looking for digital products you can resell? Our product come with PLR License which allow you to resell and keep all the profits.

Website Flippers

Easily and quickly build unlimited niche sites then flip it or sell on Flippa. Get your investment back in one day with just one flip.

VRE Owners

For online business owners, well designed turnkey sites are perfect for building and expanding your VRE (Virtual Real Estate).

Products for Today

debt elimination done-for-you blog

Debt Elimination Done-for-You Blog

Debt elimination is a done-for-you blog that discusses different ways people can get out of debt. The world has become an increasingly expensive place to live in…

supplements for health ready made turnkey blog

Supplements for Health Ready Made Turnkey Blog

Supplements for Health Blog is a ready made turnkey blog that provides information on how to keep your body healthy through natural remedies. There are thousands of…

learn to dance tips ready made turnkey site

Learn To Dance Tips Ready Made Turnkey Site

Learn to dance tips is aready made turnkey site that provides readers with easy ways to learn how to perform different dances. Many people loves to dance,…

ecommerce tips done-for-you niche blog

eCommerce Tips Done-for-You Niche Blog

eCommerce Tips is a done-for-you niche blog that teaches individuals how to make money from their own ecommerce websites. There are millions of people who want the…

online dating tips ready-made blog

Online Dating Tips Ready-made Blog

Online dating tips is a ready-made blog that focuses on helping singles successfully navigate the online dating world. Everyone wants to get into a relationship and this…

becoming a teacher ready-made turnkey site

Becoming A Teacher Ready-made Turnkey Site

Becoming a teacher is a ready-made turnkey site that teaches readers how they can become teachers. Everyone needs guidance in whatever it is that they want to…

smoothie diet ready-to-go blog

Smoothie Diet Ready-to-go Blog

Smoothie diet is a ready-to-go blog that focuses on the benefits of making smoothies and drinking them for breakfast. The goal of this blog is to provide…

kindle publishing ready-made turnkey site

Kindle Publishing Ready-made Turnkey Site

Kindle publishing is a ready-made turnkey site that helps online beginners publish their books on the Amazon platform. Who wouldn’t want to offer people information on how…

insomnia remedies ready made turnkey site

Insomnia Remedies Ready Made Turnkey Site

Insomnia Remedies is a ready made turnkey site that offers tips on getting proper sleep. Everyone wants to sleep properly, but not everyone knows how to do…

tanning guide ready-made niche site

Tanning Guide Ready-made Niche Site

Tanning Guide is a ready-made niche site that teaches readers how to get the perfect tan. Everyone wants to have tanned skin but not everyone knows what…

internet marketing tips ready-made niche site

Internet Marketing Tips Ready-made Niche Site

Internet Marketing Tips is a ready-made niche site that teaches its readers about online marketing. Everyone wants to have a successful online presence, but not everyone knows…

seo guide done-for-you affiliate blog

SEO Guide Done-for-You Affiliate Blog

The SEO Guide blog is a done-for-you affiliate blog that teaches beginners how to optimize their websites for search engines. If you want people to stick around…

Cool Website Features

User Friendly

All websites are easy to manage. If you know WordPress, you can quickly edit all contents, change images, and design.

SEO Optimized

All blogs are carefully optimized and search engine friendly so you can rank high on every market you want to target.

Mobile Responsive

All PLR sites are made to adapt automatically to all browsers screen whether viewed on laptop, ipad, or mobile phones.

Clean Code

Our ultimate goal is to provide you the best functioning website so we made it sure to be clean and free from malware.

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