Scrapbooking Fun Ready-to-go Niche Site

Scrapbooking Fun is a ready-to-go niche site that discusses the joys and techniques of scrapbooking.

This blog will help you teach your visitors about this popular art and craft and give them ideas on what they can do to make their own scrapbooks.


Take advantage of this ready-made site to share tutorials about scrapbooking, tips, tricks, and organized ways of making various patterns. You can also use this blog to share information on how to make your own custom scrapbooks.

This easy-to-use blog starter is a quick set up with all the necessary plugins installed. It comes with prewritten articles that are SEO optimized.

This premade blog is for anyone who wants to enter the scrapbooking niche. It’s also a great tool for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge on this topic, or market scrapbooking products and services.

Quick and Easy to Install

The scrapbooking fun ready-to-go niche site is equipped with premium plugins that enable you to easily install the site and get it running in minutes.

All you have to do is upload the blog installation file to your webhost, follow the three-step guide and you're done. You've got two installation options:

OPTION 1: Blog installation using the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

You will be given a step-by-step guide on how to use All-in-One WP Migration.

OPTION 2: Blog installation using the BackupBuddy Plugin

You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to use BackupBuddy.

Mobile Responsive

You're looking at a blog that was built with mobile responsiveness in mind. This means your site visitors will enjoy an incredible browsing experience no matter what screen size they use to browse. So whether it's from the latest smartphone, tablet, or even desktop computer, everything will look and function beautifully!

You'll also receive theme updates without having to pay anything. Whenever a new enhancement is done and is due for updating, you'll know it because a notice is showndisplayed inside your WordPress admin panel.

Easy to Customize and Manage

The customizer helps you make your website look just exactly how you want it to be. You can easily update your website settings or play around with colors and fonts until you find just the right one for you. You can also upload background images to make everyone feel like they are in a tropical paradise when visiting your website!

In a nutshell, you can:

  • Change website colors
  • Change website fonts
  • Upload your own logo
  • Change favicon icon
  • Change site layout
  • Change website width
  • Change the sidebar position
  • Change homepage elements and their position
  • And more....

Product Features

100% Beginner Friendly

Are you worried about the hassle of installing and maintaining a blog? With this scrapbooking fun ready-to-go niche site, let me assure that you can have this beauty up and running any minute now.

This is a user-friendly, low-maintenance blog that is easy to manage even if you're still starting out. You do not need an exceptional skill other than a basic understanding and some time on your hands as they come with a detailed guide for newbies.

Easy Ad Management

The easy-to-use Ad Settings tool makes it painless to change affiliate IDs and banner images in a snap. Simply copy and paste your own affiliate code into the old code.

Additional affiliate links and banners or any other ads may be added if necessary. All links on the whole site will be updated automatically, so there is no need to visit each page to do a manual replacements.

Pre-populated with Content

This site template is already pre-published with at least 10 high quality articles. We believe these pieces are very informative and closely applicable to the subject at hand. The pieces should be edited to make them stand out, especially if you intend to use this niche template to start a blog.

Ready for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the perfect solution for business owners eyeing to build an eCommerce empire. WooCommerce has no limits on your product offerings or how many customers you can reach per day with their revolutionary online store builder and powerful marketing tools.

Easy to Use and Maintain

WordPress, the most trusted web builder content management system in the world, is the engine behind this appealing Ready Made WordPress Site.

WordPress is the most practical way to build and manage niche blogs like this one. It's easy to use even if you are new to blogging.

At some point, updating the blog is critical. It's easy, just do a single click operation inside the admin area.

Works with Gutenberg

Gutenberg is an incredible editor that gives power for theme coders and designers to create reusable components for design and content. This enables you to show your hidden design talent and originality.

You can add unlimited file types (text, images, videos etc.) within the layout of each block, display them in any way you want with drag-and-drop functionality, or merge blocks together.

High Quality Premium Theme

In addition to buying this site package, you'll also a high-end WP theme valued at $47. You'll be able to update to the theme's new version inside the WP dashboard, free of charge.

The theme is being utilized on a collection of our personal blogs, so be rest assured that it is regularly updated and maintained.

Pre-configured Plugins

This blog comes with some of the necessary plugins so no need to speed more time installing and configuring them.

Exclusive Bonus

Pre-installed Mobile Responsive WP Theme Worth $47

Mobile Responsive Site

Get Scrapbooking Fun Ready-to-go Niche Site Now


Note: You need a webhost and a domain to use this package.

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