Chicken Raising Ready Made Turnkey Site

Chicken Raising is a ready made turnkey site that targets people who like to raise and breed chickens. It has advice and postings on how to care for chickens, what breeds are best, and what food they should eat.

This blog will help you teach your audience about raising and caring for farm animals such as chickens. They will also learn about other things like the right chicken breeds and feed for their chickens.


This blog can be used to share information on how to breed and care for farm animals, but most importantly, it is a great resource for all kinds of chicken raising information.

The package that comes with this premade blog has its own premium WordPress theme and necessary plugins. This is a great product for any niche marketers who want to build their own resource site about farm animals.

Quick and Easy to Install

This chicken raising ready made turnkey site is equipped with premium tools that enable you to effortlessly setup the site and make it live almost instantly.

All you have to do is upload the blog installation file to your webhost, follow the step-by-step guide and you're all set. You've got two installation options:

OPTION 1: Blog installation using the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

You will be given a step-by-step guide on how to use All-in-One WP Migration.

OPTION 2: Blog installation using the BackupBuddy Plugin

You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to use BackupBuddy.

Mobile Responsive

The exclusive WordPress theme installed in this ready-to-go PLR blog is mobile ready, which means that it will convert beautifully to all types of mobile viewers, making it sure that your website doesn't miss out on any web traffic.

The theme can be updated instantly. This means you'll always have the up-to-date version of our premium theme, so it will never become outdated.

Easy to Customize and Manage

Have you ever wanted to have the power of design? Well, now it's time. With a few clicks in Theme Customizer, make your website exactly how you want and not worry about any massive changes! You can customize every small detail just with minor adjustments that will be easy for anyone! This is perfect if you don't know much about coding or need some help on templates but still like having complete control over everything else - without touching code or installing plugins.

In a nutshell, you can:

  • Change website colors
  • Change website fonts
  • Upload your own logo
  • Change favicon icon
  • Change site layout
  • Change website width
  • Change the sidebar position
  • Change homepage elements and their position
  • And more....

Product Features

100% Beginner Friendly

This user-friendly, easy-to-maintain chicken raising ready made turnkey site was designed to help you make quick changes on your site even without any programming knowledge or technical background.

It includes an easy step-by-step instructions that shows you how to change your blog's title and make other changes like logos and colors.

Easy Ad Management

You can replace affiliate URLs and banners easily with our user-friendly Ad Settings tool. You can easily copy your own affiliate code and paste it in place of the existing one.

Feel free to add more affiliate advertisements or some other ads if you want. Ad updates will be applied site-wide, so you don't have to scour every single page simply to edit those links.

Pre-populated with Content

This niche blog starter is already pre-published with no lesser than 10 high quality articles. Written specifically for the topic at hand, these content will be valuable. For your content to appear in search engine results, you need to rewrite them so that they are unique.

Ready for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for business owners planning to expand their inventory by selling physical and digital goods. It lets them take control of their business by giving them all the power they need in one place - without having to worry about different platforms or software.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Ready Made WordPress Site is built using WordPress - a platform anyone can use to build a website without HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge.

With WordPress, it is easy to run your site. It is simple and even if you are not familiar with blogs, you can do it with this software.

Also, software updates is quick and easy. Just enter the dashboard area and perform a one-click action.

Works with Gutenberg

The Gutenberg editor gives you the power to design something special with its various features. You can do lots of design stuff here which means a new opportunity for creativity.

It can allow for multiple file types and layouts within one module, which makes it a useful tool if you want a reusable layout or designs.

High Quality Premium Theme

The theme is a high-class WordPress theme tailored to complement the site topic. New theme versions will be channeled through your WP admin for easy upgrades.

Since we use the theme on the bulk of our blogs, you'll have peace of mind knowing that it is regularly updated and well-maintained.

Pre-configured Plugins

This blog is already configured with all the WordPress plugin such as contact form, social media buttons, spam protection that you need to get started right away, saving you a lot of time.

Exclusive Bonus

Pre-installed Mobile Responsive WP Theme Worth $47

Mobile Responsive Site

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Note: You need a webhost and a domain to use this package.

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